Danganronpa 4: Built of Core's Peak Academy (ダンガンロンパ4 - コアズ・ピーク・アカデミーの建設) is an Japanese-American proposed anime television series directed by Seiji Kishi (work at Lerche) and Sam Yi Chen (founder of Samuel Pictures). The anime is the third animated series that experiencing on creativity with fan made, and serves as copycat of Hope's Peak Academy saga. The series is addicted into four seasons, Core Arc, Junko's Respawn Arc, and Unity Arc, which three seasons were aired on Paramount Network. Followed by a finale as finale season, Game Begins Arc, which is set to aired on the announced date.

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Season 1 – Core Arc Edit

The school was built in 1971; it was founded by Luke John (deceased). Many students are excited for going to the school in beginning day. According to the principal teacher, there’s no school rules and dress code in school due to censorship, it just only a private school. The Two Enoshimas (Takeda and Bando) announced to making killing school game, but the game event has been cancelled following death of Junko Enoshima. In the art class, Takeda loves to make own plush when she was younger. She plans to make a sub headmaster as rat version of Monokuma. The unknown plush is called Monoratto, which is copying original Junko’s work. After a dismissal, Takeda and Bando are going

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Core's Peak Academy is a Japanese-American sanctioned private school located in Chestertown, Maryland. The school was founded by Luke John (deceased) in order to develop and and research the talents of exceptional high school age children known as Ultimates. According to the blog, the school is considered to adopt of Hope’s Peak Academy.

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Class A80 - Detention Class/Council Edit

  • Takeda Enoshima (a.k.a Junko Enoshima Jr. | Ultimate Photoshop Maker)