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Samuel Pictures is a Chinese-American film and television production company that produces low-budget movie and TV show. The studio was co-founded in 2015 by Sam Yi Chen. They have not produced any films and TV series yet, but they are working on a new movie and TV shows with a independent studios.

History Edit

Sam Yi Chen is started to make his own developed movie company after his controversial moments in last year.

Filmography and Works Edit

TV series Edit

  • Sam and Johnny: The Show (To be announcement | Aired on Comedy Central)
  • Danganronpa 4: Built of Core's Peak Academy (To be announcement | Aired on Paramount Network)
  • Bio Inc: Future Permanent (To be announcement | Aired on Investigation Discovery)
  • Tomo-Chan is a Girl (To be announcement | Streamed on Netflix)
  • Lookism (To be announcement | Streamed on YouTube Premium)

Movies Edit

Release date Film Box Office Notes
TBA Sam and Johnny: The Movie Distribution with Lionsgate
TBA PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Distribution with Paramount Pictures
TBA Video Game Community College Distribution with Universal Pictures
TBA IA: Project Movie Distribution with Paramount Pictures
TBA Captain Tsubasa Distribution with Amazon Studios