The Taiwanese Premier League (TPL) is a professional top soccer league expected to begin play in 2019-2020 season. 16 teams will compete in the inaugural season with international calendar. Some clubs didn’t approached to sign the drafted players yet until transfer schedules, but the prospects are currently plays in the TSL teams.

Current clubs

  • AFC Dounan
  • Banqiao Acer
  • Chiayi Bricks
  • Evergreen FC
  • Fuzhou Kingdom
  • Hong Kong Dragons
  • Xiamen Blue Lions
  • Inter Taichung CF
  • Taitung AI
  • Tsubasa FC
  • Sanchung Despair
  • Yilan Tsunami-Indonesia
  • Real Hualien
  • Kaohsiung Flashing
  • Taoyuan Express
  • Uni-President FC


Four leagues doesn’t have work permit requirement for some foreign and domestic players, but they were free to play matches.